Tiny & Shekinah Jo End Friendship Amid Sexual Assault Allegations


One of T.I. and Tiny’s biggest defenders has cut ties with the couple after claiming the couple allowed her to get dragged on social media for speaking up for them when a series of sexual assault allegations were revealed.

During a tearful Instagram Live session, Shekinah Jo said the final straw was when Tiny failed to defend her for speaking out against Sabrina Peterson, who launched the scandal against the couple. Shekinah also accused Tiny of being beside her and coaching her on what to say when she made her comments defending the T.I. and Tiny.

Despite appearing on shows and even co-hosting with Tiny, Shekinah said she was barely compensated for her work while speaking on the demise of the friendship. Tiny denied Shekinah’s claims and accused her former friend of seeking attention.

“Y’all can believe this dizzy b**** if u like! Why in tf would I ask her to say what she said?!” Tiny wrote in an Instagram comment. “True enough she wanted to speak up for me as a friend and I appreciate that but I NEVER EVER told her to say ANY of the s*** she said. That’s on MY LIFE & EVERYTHING I Love. She wrote me a book & said ppl don’t need to know but yet going to live talking about me daily. Worst kinda friend to have! If we not cool, we not cool..move on as I have quietly.”

Tiny continued by brushing off Shekinah’s claims as lies and talking about friends becoming enemies.

“It’s a shame I’m addressing this be now,” Tiny added. “Just sick of all the lies. Day after day!! I will forever wish her nothing but the best still, it’s sad when close friends turn to enemies but God has his way & I won’t ?? Him!”

Look above to view Tiny and Shekinah’s posts.

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