DMX Speaks on Reconciling with His Abusive Mother in His Final Interview

DMX detailed the reconciliation with his mother in his final interview for TV One’s Uncensored series.

It’s well-documented that DMX was subjected to traumatic abuse by his mother during his childhood. In various interviews, DMX has revealed that his beatings would result in cuts and bruises on his face, including one incident where his mother knocked two of his teeth out with a broom. To escape the abuse, the late rapper would wander the streets and befriend stray dogs before his mother sent him away to a group home.

In his final interview, DMX spoke on healing his relationship with his mother after they reunited on a 2012 episode of Couples Therapy after years of estrangement. X explained that while he was on the show with his ex-wife, he disclosed his traumatic childhood to the counselor. During a session, he was asked how he would feel if he saw his mother at that moment to which DMX replied indifferently.

“And then she asked if my mama came in and she walked in,” DMX started before holding back tears. “She walked in the door and I think it’s at that point right there that I just let everything go. I just hugged her. She crying, I’m crying, it was like…it wasn’t a hurt cry, it was like, ‘Yes, this is what I need.'”

Since reuniting with his mother, DMX stated in subsequent interviews that he loved his mother despite the abuse and he had forgiven her.

DMX’s final interview will on TV One on Sunday, May 16.

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