The rapper — who’s fresh off a very public breakup with Quavo — was out at the Santa Monica Pier Friday … where she put on an impromptu performance for anyone who was nearby. She did at least a couple songs … “My Type” and her new single, “Fast (Motion).”

Saweetie didn’t shy away from this either, BTW … she posted a video of her performing herself, and her caption is very cheeky — “rent was dueee 🤷🏽‍♀️ streetie in the streets catch me next time luhhh y’all 🤣🤣🤣 #fastmotion.” On its face, it seems this was all intentional.

You can tell she was joking around … because she had a little donation basket at the base of her feet, which read “Pretty Bitch Summer Donations.” So yeah, a bit of viral marketing.

Of course, some people saw this and didn’t get the gag … taking jabs at Sawettie while also hyping up Quavo as the clear “winner” in their split. Folks are also playing on the false rumor that Quavo had repo’d a Bentley he gifted her … saying things had gone downhill for her ever since they went separate ways. But, as we told you, that Bentley news was BS.

Keep in mind, Saweetie is a professional, signed artist … and doesn’t seem hard-pressed for cash at all. Her music is blowing up, she’s been appearing in commercials of late, just dropped a new line of sunglasses … and she’s starting to break into TV roles too.

In other words, she’s doing just fine — so if you’re not in on the joke, welcome.

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