Alleged DMs from Lil Reese Leak After Rubi Rose’s Twitter Gets Hacked

Recently, Rubi Rose revealed that her Twitter account was hacked. The hackers who got a hold of her account changed the rapper’s username and bio before moving to release parts of Rose’s DMs, with messages that allegedly came from Kodak Black and Lil Reese.

In screenshots from the alleged conversations, Reese can be seen hitting up Rose numerous times, to no response. Along with that, another screenshot found Kodak Black shooting his shot at the rapper, asking her to give him her number in February 2021.

Rubi Rose addressed the situation, taking to Instagram to reveal that her Twitter was taken over by hackers, and also noted her phone was hacked as well. Since then, Lil Reese has responded to the leaked DMs as well, saying, “Them old a** DMS you only see what I’m saying tryna make it seem like I’m thirsty get yo goof a** on…” Take a look above.


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