Warriors’ Damion Lee Says He Got Coronavirus After Being Fully Vaccinated

Players in the NBA have been very vocal about the risk of COVID-19 while playing. While many players have been fully vaccinated, Damion Lee of the Golden State Warriors revealed that he got COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated.

The CDC noted that almost 6,000 people tested positive for the virus despite being vaccinated. The Warriors guard reportedly got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on March 22 and hasn’t played any minutes for the team since April 19, according to reports.

While speaking to reports before the Warriors and OKC Thunder game, Lee said, “I did test positive for COVID about two weeks ago. I did get the vaccine the middle, end of March, but essentially this was just a rare breakthrough case. … Right now, there’s no timeline in the immediate future for me coming back and playing.”

When speaking about the symptoms, Lee said, “I had headache, chills, sneezing, congestion, soreness, body aches. It felt like I was hit by a car. Like hit by two cars at once every step I took. It hurt, it was pain, soreness. It felt like there was a weight on my chest for a couple of days like it was just hard to breathe.” Take a look above.

source: ESPN

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