Gillie Da Kid Says Jay-Z’s “Sorry Not Sorry” Bars Are “Corny As S**t”

Recently, DJ Khaled dropped his ‘Khaled Khaled’ album, and many videos from the project have surfaced as well. One of the songs that caught fans’ attention was the Nas, and Jay-Z-featured track “Sorry Not Sorry.” Many have been feeling the record, but Gillie The Kid recently noted that the song wasn’t quite his thing, even going as far as saying the song was “corny.”

While in the car with podcast co-host Wallo, Gillie listened to a Lil Durk song before getting into an argument about newer rappers versus older ones.

Gillie jokingly said, “I don’t listen to them old n***as. I don’t listen to those dinosaurs no more.” After Wallo went on to tell Gillie he doesn’t know anything about music, Gillie said, “Oh, you want me to throw Jay on talkin’ about a ‘B and then another B and then a double B.’ ‘Can’t forget about the other B.’ That s**t was corny as s**t.” Watch above.


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