Memo600 Responds to Alleged Video Him of Being Jumped Outside of Club


Recently, a video surfaced that showed a man getting punched repeated in the face as he was being held down by another man. The video included the caption in that says “They beaten @memofrom600 🤦🏽‍♂️.” Now, the rapper has taken to the internet to address the claims of him allegedly getting beat up.

The rapper took to Instagram and said “Stop tagging me in that fake a** video, we don’t get jumped on we put the belt on s**t.” He continued on saying “Y’all a** wish it was me.” After the alleged fight, Memo600 addressed the claims more, showing his face which didn’t have any bruises while noting that he was asleep last night while the alleged “goofy s**t” was taking place. Take a look above.

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