Black Man Commits Over 30 Home Burglaries Disguised as a White Man


The Beverly Hills Police Department apprehended a burglary suspect who’s believed to have disguised himself as a White man in order to commit dozens of robberies throughout the Southern California area.

Rockim Prowell allegedly wore a life-like mask, equipped with hair, to commit over 30 home burglaries in Los Angeles starting last April. Many of the homes the 30-year-old targeted were in wealthy neighborhoods. Police started zeroing in on a suspect after reviewing surveillance footage of two homes that were robbed in separate incidents.

“It was odd this burglar’s mouth was always open when seen on video surveillance. When he was caught breaking into another home we discovered why.” LAPD Pacific wrote.

Prowell was arrested during a traffic stop after his vehicle matched the car seen in both surveillance videos. Police also found the mask and other items connected to the crimes. The cops also found stolen goods and realized Prowell’s license plates were stolen when they searched his Inglewood residence.

The suspect has been arrested and charged with one count of vandalism and two counts each of burglary and grand theft. Prowell is currently out on bail but could face more charges as the investigation remains ongoing.

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Source: Daily Mail

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