T-Pain Goes Live with Mark Zuckerberg About Improving Instagram’s DM Feature


On the heels of his viral revelation about an Instagram DM feature, T-Pain went live with Facebook co-founder and Instagram owner Mark Zuckerberg about how to improve the platform’s direct messaging feature, among other things.

Zuckerberg explained to T-Pain and those tuning in why Instagram created the requested feature. “The reason we have the ‘request feature’ is to prevent bullying or spam and other unwanted interactions. To be able to filter that out,” he said. “Ideally, we should be able to figure out who the other people who might be sending you messages are who should get into that. The feature isn’t quite as advanced today as hopefully, it is in the future.”

T-Pain made headlines last month after he revealed that he was the recipient of tons of DMs from fellow celebrities he was unaware of due to the requested feature.

Source: instagram.com

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