Update: Jack Harlow Breaks Silence on Deadly Lousiville Shooting

Jack Harlow took to Instagram to break his silence on the Louisville shooting over Derby weekend, which killed 37-year-old Kasmira Nash.

On Thursday (May 13), Harlow wrote, “My heart is broken by the events that occurred over Derby weekend. My heart breaks for Kasmira, her children, and everyone else touched by this tragic death. My heart breaks for my city, a place that’s been through too much pain already.

“I’ve been in touch with Kasmira’s family during this unimaginably painful time, and I’m grateful to them for keeping the lines of communication open. Nothing can reverse what happened. Too many lives have been changed forever. My life will remain committed to making Louisville a better place.”

Harlow’s DJ, Ronnie T. O’Bannon, better known as Ronnie Lucciano, has been indicted on one count of murder and tampering with physical evidence in the shooting. Louisville attorney Rob Eggert, who is representing O’Bannon, spoke about the charges.

“Despite the negative portrayal on social media, Ronnie O’Bannon is an excellent person. He has worked for years with Jack Harlow and is a prominent DJ in his own right. I’m confident he’ll be exonerated at trial.” Eggert added that O’Bannon’s $500,000 bail is grossly excessive, and he stated that O’Bannon will plead not guilty to the charges.

Original 05/11/2021 6:56pm:

Jack Harlow’s DJ, Ronnie Luciano, has been indicted on murder and tampering charges as a result of a nightclub shooting that left a 37-year-old woman dead.

Kasmira Nash was fatally shot while working as a bartender at Vibes Restaurant and Ultra Lounge in Louisville, Kentucky, where Jack Harlow was partying with his DJ. In footage of the incident, an altercation appears to take place between a woman and at least one man. The two leaned into each other before falling over in a scuffle, which led to a single gunshot being fired.

Nash’s family took issue with the club’s security for letting DJ Ronnie Luciano, real name Ronnie Tyshon O’Bannon, into the club after a previous altercation.

“They knew there had been an altercation prior to this with this same DJ, so he was not supposed to be allowed back in the club,” said Nash’s mother, Kathy Davis. “I felt like he should have been removed or they should have taken my daughter and told her to go home.”

After the shooting, responding officers found Nash dead at the scene. Another man was also shot but was taken to University Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The deceased victim’s mother added that she does not blame Jack Harlow for the incident before reiterating her point about the club’s security.

“I do not accuse [Jack Harlow] or feel like it was entirely on him, because he’s an entertainer,” Davis said. “He was there to do a job, but I feel like the security and the owner of the club should have been more diligent in protecting and making sure it was secure. They knew there had been an altercation.”

DJ Ronnie Luciano has been charged with murder and tampering with physical evidence. There’s currently a warrant out for his arrest with bail set at $500,000. He’s expected to be arraigned on May 17.


Source: WDRB

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