FBI File on Larry Flynt Includes Alleged Plot to Kill Hugh Hefner


Vice News recently obtained the 322-page FBI file on Hustler Magazine founder Larry Flynt and found some outrageous information.

The file showed Flynt to be in connection with John Delorean’s drug bust, a reported plot to blow himself up in the Supreme Court, in addition to an alleged plan to hire a mercenary to kill Hugh Hefner and Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione.

Per Vice News:

“When mercenary Mitch WerBell died of an apparent heart attack in 1983, rumors spread that Flynt had him killed. Years after WerBell’s death, investigators in Los Angeles claimed to have uncovered a plot in which Flynt paid him $1 million to assassinate Frank Sinatra, Bob Guccione, Hugh Hefner, and Walter Annenberg, according to news reports at the time. The plot was foiled when Flynt’s assistant stopped payment on the check. WerBell, who once developed a sophisticated weapon silencer dubbed “whispering death,” died suddenly a month later. A witness in a later murder trial testified that Flynt’s brother-in-law admitted he and Flynt slipped a powerful heart relaxant into WerBell’s drink not long before he died.”

Flynt reportedly sought the services of WerBell in 1983 before his apparent heart attack to outfit his wheelchair with explosives so he could blow himself up during his Supreme Court hearing. According to Vice News, Flynt asked Werbell to “fill the hollow metal tubes of his wheelchair with C-4 explosives impregnated with needles for the maximum effect, the informant said. The men refused, and WerBell later discussed swapping out Flynt’s wheelchair before the hearing, in the event he managed to convince someone else to do it for him, the informant said.”

Source: twitter.com

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