Nicki Minaj Addresses Cocaine Use Rumors on IG Live

Nicki Minaj hopped on IG Live on Friday and addressed rumors that she has used a certain white powdered narcotic in the past.

“I don’t know if it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be embarrassed about any f***in drugs I did, that’s why I talk about the motherf***in drugs I do in my motherf***in music,” said Nicki. “Always have, always fu***in will. If I’m off em, I’m off em [child], but I want to make this clear so open everybody’s ears, clear your ears out. I have never, ever in my life with my hands on Jesus Christ, and y’all know how I feel about my Lord and savior. Never in my life, ever, not even once sniffed coke. ever.”

According to Nicki, she’s always been more susceptible to getting sick more than others around her and for that reason, she’s stayed away from drugs.

“I have a lot of friends, or acquaintances in the industry who do coke,” Nicki continued. “I don’t judge them for it but I’ve never tried it, never wanted to, never asked them to. Especially in the fashion world, that’s so common and normal, but yes… That’s the thing, when people used to lie about me I never used to clear my name and there was someone who took a major step and told that lie to people and I never addressed it because I thought it was too ridiculous at the time to address but something just told me to now.”


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