Update: Mally Mall Says FBI Agent Blackmailed Him into Guilty Plea


Update 05/14/2021 3:32pm:

Mally Mall is speaking out after it was reported that the music producer was sentenced to nearly three years in prison for owning and operating a prostitution business in Nevada. Mall says his guilty plea was a result of an FBI agent coercing and threatening women to speak out against him in exchange for money.

“I had to take a plea deal to keep from doing 5-10 years for something I didn’t do,” Mally Mall explained to The Neighborhood Talk.

Mall said the reports on his treatment of the women were false. He also claimed his business was legal and was using a license similar to the one strip clubs use.

He believes he was targeted by FBI agent Kevin White after his house was raided in 2014 and 2019 over exotic animals and alleged human trafficking. Mally Mall said White became so obsessed with busting him that he was removed from the case.

Mally Mall claimed he took the plea deal before he was informed of White’s removal and because he refused to snitch on his alleged accomplices.

“I’m going to do the time because I’ll never snitch on nobody, but the things they’re saying about me aren’t true,” he said. “Now that I’ve been sentenced, I can finally tell my side.”

Mally Mall pleaded guilty to one count of use of an interstate facility in aid of unlawful activity.

Original 05/13/2021 4:52pm:

Hip Hop producer Mally Mall was sentenced to 33 months in prison for owning and running a prostitution business.

The producer received his sentence in a Las Vegas federal courtroom on Thursday after court documents claimed he disguised his prostitution business with several escort businesses for 12 years. Once the FBI started investigating Mally Mall in 2014, they found he “persuaded, induced, enticed and caused” hundreds of women to engage in prostitution nationally.

Despite producing for major artists such as Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown, Mally Mall reportedly earned millions from his prostitution business. According to law enforcement, he advertised on Backpage and Eros and used his personal credit card to cover expenses.

The women were provided housing and use of the producer’s high-end vehicles in exchange for giving him most of their earnings. Court documents claim women who were considered “independent contractors” were allowed to keep half of what they earned. However, “priority girls” would earn $1,000 to $10,000 a day but only keep $100.

Authorities also accused Mally Mall of leading the women to believe he would marry them or offer them career opportunities. The women were not allowed to date and were pressured into getting tattoos of him in order to show their loyalty.

In 2019, Mally Mall took a plea deal in the case and pleaded guilty to one count of use of an interstate facility in aid of unlawful activity. Due to the agreement, he was facing between one and 33 months in prison.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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