50 Cent Reveals ABC Cancelled ‘For Life’ Series After Two Seasons

50 Cent’s ABC show ‘For Life,’ which is based on the story of Isaac Wright Jr., received much acclaim upon its release. The show garnered enough acclaim to get a second season. However, 50 Cent recently took to Instagram to reveal some news related to the show, noting they won’t return to ABC for a third season.

50 posted a screenshot of a headline from Deadline that said, “‘For Life’ Canceled by ABC After Two Seasons, Will Be Shopped.” Along with that, on the caption of the post, 50 wrote: “I’ll tell you where you can tune in to see FOR LIFE shortly. Check out my new show ( Family Affair) on ABC coming soon! 🚦Green Light Gang.”

Series star Nicholas Pinnock took to Twitter to speak on the situation with ABC, giving praise to the network for how they treated him and the showrunners. Pinnock said, “I am in no way bitter with ABC for not renewing For Life for a third season. ABC has been nothing but supportive of our show and has championed it from the start. So I won’t have you bad-mouthing them. I can tell you firsthand how great they have been to me and to our show. Sadly, the live audience numbers didn’t reflect and equal the social media attention. The catch-up numbers were really good, but that doesn’t fit the model of a network show.”

He continued saying, “Here’s hoping what we did together will give us a S3 in another worthy new home for people to go further with us.” Take a look above.

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