Consequence Responds to Mal Revealing He Got Him Lined Up


Previously, Mal–former co-host of Joe Budden’s podcast, took to his Instagram to post a clip of him and Rory speaking about being fired by the rapper-turned-show host. Mal revealed that their differences stem issues with money he and Rory were supposed to receive, saying, “If respect ain’t there, I’m not there.” In that same talk with Rory, another clip surfaced where Mal spoke about defending Joe, even noting that he “frontlined” a situation where one of his homies stepped to A Tribe Called Quest member Consequence after he swung on  Budden. Now, Cons has taken to Instagram to respond.

Cons reposted the clip of Mal and said: “I don’t know what the F**K n***as think is going on OVER HERE. Just remember what you said @mal_bytheway. You taking credit for Lining me up then you gon have to Live It now. Joe can’t save you two b***h a** n***as cuz he couldn’t save himself. This is disrespectful as F**K and I am your Senior in the streets & in this music s**t.”

He then commented on the entire situation Mal and Rory have faced with Budden, saying, “Meanwhile… Y’all got ROBBED by your own guy. No gun, No knife, No Nothing. My name is not to be mentioned again by n***as who ain’t even got they PAPER straight ‼️‼️‼️” Take a look above.

Source: VladTV

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