Boosie Comments on Severe Flooding in Louisiana Before Catching Flight

Boosie found himself on the local news while back in his hometown of Baton Rouge early Tuesday. The city was dealing with severe weather conditions when the local outlet caught up with Boosie at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport. The airport became one of the designated flood-relief zones when things began to get hectic.

“It’s crazy out here, you know it’s flooding everywhere,” Boosie said. The Baton Rouge native was on his way to catch a flight when the weather took a turn and told the news outlet he was totally blindsided by the conditions. “I like to come home and get the hot weather, I don’t like rain.”

Boosie told WBRZ that he’d been in Baton Rouge to coordinate his daughter’s birthday but the weather put a damper on those plans. “You know I was here for Katrina. It’s not on that magnitude but I don’t like to see a lot of homeless people in the airport. I’ve got a heart too.”


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