TI’s Son King Harris Seen Confronting People Who Allegedly Tried to Press Him


T.I.’s family has been known to be lighthearted, as the lives of many of T.I. and Tiny’s children have played out in the public eye. However, a man and various others surrounding King Harris found that the young man is not one to play with, as he confronted people who allegedly tried to press him.

In video footage that surfaced, King Harris’ demeanor was calm, but his words found him communicating that he wasn’t feeling how he was approached by a man who tried to put his arm around him while talking crazy to him. King then asked the man if he was from around the area before going in his car to reach for a bag, which led to him pressing the man for his actions only moments before. King’s voice and demeanor got more tense, which caused the group of people to walk off. Take a look above.


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