Update: Larsa Pippen Responds to Montana Yao, Calls Malik a Clout Chaser

Update 05/25/2021 9:37am:

The feud between Larsa Pippen and Malik Beasley’s estranged wife, Montana Yao, is heating up, as Larsa responded to Montana calling her out on social media. Things kicked off between the two women after Malik publicly apologized to Montana for his cheating scandal with Larsa.

After Yao accused Larsa of being “desperate and thirsty,” and accused her of calling paparazzi to photograph her and Beasley together, Pippen took to Instagram to share her side of the story.

She started off by writing, “Hey sweetie, I can spend the day going back and forth with you on the Internet but woman to woman I would never do that, especially over a man.”

She added, “But here’s some free press for you. Let me clear up some of the misinformation you shared as facts. Here’s the truth about MALIK: 1. When I thought about him and how he treated your child he’s not the type Of man I want around mine. Any man who would deny his child and then leave the mother penniless is not a real man. 2. He cried entirely too much. 3. He’s cheap, but then again you never saw any alimony so you already know that.”

Larsa then gave Montana some advice, writing, “If you ever find another man who wanted you for you and not all the free press I’m giving both of you, lock him down. Malik was a clout chaser who pursued me relentlessly before I even knew you existed. And I have the DM’s but then again, he knows that.”

Montana has since replied to Larsa, which you can read in full above.

Original 05/24/2021 5:06pm:

Montana Yao, the estranged wife of Timberwolves baller Malik Beasley, called out Larsa Pippen on Instagram. This comes after Montana accepted Malik’s public apology earlier on Monday (May 24).

She started out by tagging Larsa in her Instagram Stories and telling her, “Your threats are no good over here, ma’am. Try somewhere else.” Montana added, “You really need to be put in check or something cause you really wildin out here thinking you about to tell either Malik or I how to act.”

Montana then told Larsa that she “already told you to shut your trap because you embarrassed yourself enough already.” She then stated that both Malik and Larsa were “wrong as hell” for their controversial fling, and Montana went on to tell Larsa, “You had the nerve to talk all that sh*t to me as if I was wrong?”

Elsewhere in the post, Montana called Larsa an “old desperate thirsty ass ran thru blow up doll,” and she alleged that Larsa called the paparazzi herself for clout. She also alleged that Larsa tried to “trap Malik” by trying to get him to go to fertility clinics so they could get pregnant. You can read her full message above.


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