Sabrina Peterson Suggests She’ll Drop Lawsuit If T.I. & Tiny Apologize in 7 Days


A few months ago, Sabrina Peterson came forward with her allegations against T.I. & Tiny and sparked a series of women coming forward with claims against the hip-hop couple.

However, Sabrina has come forward in a recent video suggesting that she’d be willing to drop the lawsuit against her former friends if they apologize to her within seven days.

“Tell the truth about me, tell the truth about what you did to me, and apologize. I’m gone,” said Peterson. “I don’t want one dime. And here’s the other stipulation: Do it within seven days… Do this, what I’m saying right now, within seven days. Within seven days, tell the truth and apologize.”

She continued, “I’m gone. Sabrina, she done with. I don’t want a dime from you, but if I gotta keep drawing this out, I gotta keep stepping away from my motherf**ckin’ brand, I gotta keep stepping away from my weed and my weed jars, I gotta keep steppin’ away from my packaging, I gotta keep steppin’ away from my fundraising.”

“Seven days. Apologize and tell the f*ckin’ truth,” Peterson concluded.


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