T.I. & Tiny Deliver Church Testimony Amid Sexual Assault Allegations


Tiny Harris was honored by her church, during their Women’s Day celebration, for her contributions to the entertainment industry. After the singer and songwriter thanked the church for her award, T.I. arrived on stage to deliver his message that “God is real and the devil is a despicable lie.”

T.I. started his speech by speaking on his family’s success, stating he and his wife “didn’t just roll out of bed and get this way.” He spoke on their upbringing and life lessons before highlighting their charitable acts and giving nature. Afterward, the rapper addressed the couple’s sexual assault allegations and proclaimed their innocence.

“Contrary to whatever you may pass by as you scroll on this fictitious universe that we all live in called social media, the real and the truth and the honesty of it all is that everybody is a culmination of their experiences. And I mean we are all a product of what we’ve been through,” he said. “If we ain’t never had nothing but nonsense handed down to us, then when we see others, we ‘gon expect them to be ’bout nonsense. But see, I’m sorry to whoever needs to hear this — I don’t know who it is — I’m sorry that I ain’t the creep that you want me to be, but that ain’t what I was raised to be. And I don’t care how much you say it, it ain’t ‘gon make it true for me.”

He continued to plead his innocence and said his family is using the moment as a lesson and reminder of who they should surround themselves with. T.I. also expressed his optimism in he and Tiny being absolved of any wrongdoing.

“I promise you anything and everything you’ve seen me go through, me and mines have always made it to the other side bigger and better,” T.I. added. “This will be no different.”

Skip to 3:43 to view T.I. and Tiny’s speech.


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