42 Dugg Reportedly in Plea Negotiations in Federal Gun Possession Case

Federal prosecutors in Georgia have begun plea negotiations with 42 Dugg in the Detroit rapper’s illegal gun possession case and both sides say they’re optimistic a deal will be hammered out soon.

In court records filed this month, 42 Dugg’s attorney confirmed that plea negotiations are in the works and added, “both parties are still hopeful that a resolution can be reached in the near future.” It is a strong sign that 42 Dugg is willing to plead guilty to a federal offense.

Both prosecutors and defense attorneys asked for an evidentiary hearing that was scheduled for May 24 to be postponed, due to the negotiations. At the hearing, a judge was supposed to hear arguments on a defense motion to throw out evidence found on 42 Dugg’s phone.

42 Dugg was charged in federal court in Georgia with possessing a firearm as a felon, a federal offense that carries up to 10 years in prison. The charging records simply allege that 42 Dugg went to a gun range in November 2019.

During the investigation, federal agents served a search warrant on 42 Dugg’s phone and accused him of having ties to a Detroit-area gang called the Hustle Boys. Last February, three people were nonfatally shot while 42 Dugg and Los Angeles rapper Roddy Ricch were filming a music video in the Atlanta area.

42 Dugg remains on pretrial release and is allowed to travel for business purposes, according to court records. Typically in federal plea deals, a judge has the final say in determining his sentences, but prosecutors agree not to seek more than a pre-agreed prison term.


Written by: Nate Gartrell

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