Danny Boy Claims He Slept with a 24-Year-Old Mary J. Blige When He Was 16


Former Death Row singer Danny Boy described the events that followed after Suge Knight’s infamous speech at the 1995 Source Awards. A little past five minutes into his interview clip with The Art of Dialogue, detailed a night between himself, Suge Knight, Mary J. Blige, and Diddy’s baby mama Misa Hylton.

After the award show, Danny Boy was in his hotel room with his godbrother when Suge told him to come to his hotel suite along. The singer claimed there was a table full of females in Suge’s suite, including Hylton, Mary J. Blige, and DeVante Swing’s baby mama. He said everyone was hanging out and having drinks before he went back to his room.

Later on, he said Suge called him back to his room and said, “Ol girl wanna see you.” Once he returned to Suge’s room, Danny Boy was shocked to see that it was just the R&B legend and Hylton in the room.

“I get up there to the room. Suge’s in his room and Misa’s sitting in the bed with a sheet wrapped around her…and Mary’s sitting on the couch,” Danny Boy claimed. “So I know the girl he in the bed with don’t want me, so he closed the door and I sit down and I start talking to Mary.”

Danny Boy claimed he and Mary ordered more food and drinks while hanging out in the hotel suite. He said, at one point, a knock on the door spooked Mary because she thought it was her ex-boyfriend K-Ci from K-Ci & JoJo and Jodeci.

After a few more hours of hanging out, the pair went to another bedroom in the suite after she started resting her head on his lap. Inside the bedroom, Danny Boy said Mary J. Blige tried to seduce him and started flying him out to New York to visit after that night.

“That’s why I was kind of confused when I heard Kurt [Kobane] saying that Mary was Pac girl. ‘Cause at that time, she was my girl,” Danny Boy claimed. “At that time, I’m 15, 16-years-old and she flying me in to see her.”

Mary J. Blige is 50-years-old, which means she would have been 24 at the time of her alleged affair with Danny Boy. After describing their subsequent encounters, Danny Boy confirmed that he and Mary “had relations.”

Take a look above to view the full clip.

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