Judge Joe Brown Rips Lizzo and Cardi B in Livestream Chat with Kwame Brown


Vice President Kamala Harris was not the only person Judge Joe Brown criticized during his live stream chat with former NBA player Kwame Brown. At one point, Judge Brown called out Lizzo and Cardi B over their online behavior.

Judge Brown took issue with the way sexuality is marketed to children and used the two artists as examples. The judge brought up Lizzo’s wardrobe and Cardi B’s past to criticize the two while speaking to Kwame.

“Alright, I’m straight, I’m heterosexual,” Judge Brown started. “But when I see Lizzo the lizard hippo with her bare, fat, flabby a** trying to twerk in public, looking like a damn harlot in front of children…see, that’s not right. When I look at Cardi B, who is a street-walkin’ h*e who brags about how she used to drug her tricks so she can rob them — see, that kind of thing put up is an exemplar of heterosexuality and [normalcy]. That is not normal, something is wrong with that.”

Lizzo and Cardi B have not responded to Judge Joe Brown’s remarks.


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