Cops Restrain Philthy Rich During Alleged Fistfight with Dame Fame


Bay Area rapper Philthy Rich was seen getting into a fistfight in Las Vegas this past Memorial Day weekend.

In an unknown woman’s Instagram Story, the video starts with the woman saying, “That’s Philthy Rich,” as the rapper picked up his belongings and prepared to trade blows with an unidentified male. As the men were about to fight, police swarmed the scene and restrained both men.

Another clip provided more context to the altercation at Mandalay Bay with one woman claiming Philthy Rich was assaulted by the other man.

“[Philthy Rich is] not even supposed to be here,” the woman is heard saying. “He’s f***** with everybody…you see how the n**** took off on him and he couldn’t do s***.”

The woman filming the scene responded to the female companion and said, “That n**** just took off on Philthy hella hard.”

After the video started circulating, social media users identified Dame Fame as the man Philthy Rich was fighting while attending the Devin Haney fight. The two have been reportedly involved in a lengthy feud over snitching allegations.


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