Dallas Rapper Lil Loaded Reportedly Passed Away :Update


According to reports, Dallas rapper Lil Loaded has passed away. As of now, details are limited, but the rapper was able to tell his story in a prolific manner in 2020. Stay tuned for more updates and condolences to the family of the rapper.


Update 05/31/2021 5:38pm:

The death of Lil Loaded, real name Dashawn Maurice Robertson, was confirmed earlier today by his lawyer, Ashkan Mehryari.

“Sadly, the rumors are true and Mr. Robertson did pass away today,” Mehryari wrote in a statement.

The cause of death has not been confirmed, but a since-deleted Instagram Story post has many believing the Dallas rapper took his own life.

“Dear most high, Please forgive me for my shortcomings and all of the times I’ve fell short of making you proud and being appreciative of the blessings that have been put in my life sometimes the lines are blurred between being solid and being heartless I want to thank you for how far I’ve come and the people you’ve put in my life to keep me grounded and humble through everything and I love every single one of those people that are genuinely for me I ask for entrance into your kingdom thru all of my mistakes I know you love all of your children and I’m ready for my heart and soul to Join you,” Lil Loaded wrote.

A friend of the rapper also confirmed the death in a series of Instagram posts. However, his posts not only confirmed suicide as the cause of death but also claim Lil Loaded’s girlfriend had a role in the artist’s suicide.

“My ni** himself cause his b****,” the friend wrote. “I hate this h*e so much rn. I’m so f***** up bro that ni** told me inna studio last month somebody f*** his girl he a kill em. This ni** ended this s*** behind his girl he meant that s*** brudda I love u b**.”

In addition to his Instagram Story posts, the friend also posted clips of the rapper’s music and accomplishment while reminiscing on their times together. The friend, who goes by @ebkcyraq on Instagram, added that an affair that the girlfriend was having caused Lil Loaded to take his life.

“He was jus telling me bout her foo like everything how good she is in sh*,” he continued. “How she don’t be fw other ni*** in she know netter in sh*. Bro im sick i new it was behind dis h*e i hate that h*e forever on my daughter F*** dat h*e. N**** know u f***** a ni** thats why he did allat cause if u didn’t he a steal be breathing B****. I hate this h*e with every bone in my body.”

An official cause of death has not been confirmed yet. Lil Loaded was 20-years-old at the time of his passing.

Look above for images of the Instagram posts.

Source: REVOLT

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