Update: DC Young Fly Addresses Knocking Out Man at Stand-Up Show


Update 06/02/2021 10:45am:

DC Young Fly went online to address a video showing him knocking out a man at his stand-up show in Pleasanton, CA. He started out explaining that he didn’t roast the man or his table before the guy walked on stage, and DC Young Fly admitted that he thought he was a “crazy fan.”

DC Young Fly then revealed that the guy got aggressive and swung on him, which is when DC hit the guy and knocked him out. To hear his full side of the story, hit the above video.

Original 05/30/2021 11:05am:

With live performances and comedy shows coming back to the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, many people have been hoping for a sense of normalcy, as well as being able to catch their favorite acts. One man took that notion a little too far as he tried to run up on DC Young Fly during a show, resulting in the man reportedly getting knocked out by the comedian.

DC Young Fly spoke on the matter via his Instagram, telling his side of the story. DC said, “Im from the WestSide of Atlanta im really from the streets i been stabbed i am traumatized but GOD turned my life around but i always stay on point just in case i have to protect myself!!!!!”

The comedian continued saying, “Pleasanton/Oakland i love yal forever and we always have a good time but im mad yal had to see dat side of me.” He concluded by saying, “But if u dont f**k wit me please dont come to my shows if yo intentions aint to kome and have a good time dont show up cause I pray that the energy is rite everywhere i go and im protected and covered by GOD plus i got hands #IWillMakeItHome 💪🏾.” Take a look above.


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