Yung Bleu & Boosie’s Label Sued by Producer Claiming His Music Was Stolen

According to reports, Yung Bleu, as well as the label he is signed to—Boosie’s Bad Azz Music, is being sued by a producer Bleu used to work with named Ice Starr. The producer says that Bleu’s success is largely due to him using the track he made for “Miss It.” However, the producer is saying that Bleu did so without giving him any royalties.

The producer claims that two of Bleu’s hit songs, “Miss It” and “Ice on Me Baby,” used his instrumentals “without his knowledge, authorization, and without any compensation whatsoever.” Along with that, the producer claims that he wasn’t compensated for a majority of Bleu’s ‘Investments 5’ album, which he says catapulted the rapper into a major success. Boosie’s name has been thrown in the mix because the producer claims Bad Azz Music allegedly prompted him into an invalid agreement where he signed away his rights after the song “Miss It” was already released without him knowing.

The producer alleges that Yung Bleu’s label did this so the artist could keep making money from the unauthorized use of his productions. Ice Starr is suing for copyright infringement and wants to receive a cut of profits along with future royalties for Yung Bleu’s hits so far.

source: TMZ

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