Cam’ron Shows Footage of His Neighbor Trying To Break Into His Apartment


Cam’ron’s time spent documenting his life on social media has found the rapper and businessman hilarious highlighting the random things that goes down in his day-to-day. One of the more recent developments found him getting involved in a fling with his neighbor, who the rapper calls “19C.” Now, Killa has revealed that the fling has potentially gone sour, as the neighbor allegedly tried to break into his condo.

In footage that Cam posted, he showed his friend trying to get in his condo while the neighbor attempted to push her way into his home as well. 19C could be heard saying, “You back in town and you think not to tell nobody. You think I wasn’t going to find out?!”

Cam’ron addressed the situation via the caption of his post, saying, “My bro @nowwutdotcom came to check me and didn’t know what 19C looked like. He thought she was just someone who lived on my floor. When I opened the door, she tried to breach da crib.” He continued saying “To all my family and friends, if you come see me make sure no one NO ONE is lurking in da elevator or hallway. I did all I can not to go to police, but now it’s getting physical.” Watch above.



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