Gary Owen’s Wife Tears Into Comedian and Calls Him a “Deadbeat”

Things are getting ugly between Gary Owen and his estranged wife, Kenya Duke, who called him out on Instagram and alleged that he’s being a “deadbeat.”

Kenya started out her post by stating that she’s never gone to the media amid her ongoing divorce from Gary, and she adds that she’s allowed Gary to “tell your family, friends, and fans any false narrative that you want or need it to be about us, the relationship and our kids.” Kenya then told Gary, “when you go and make these dumb passive-aggressive posts in these insensitive ass t-shirts, I am triggered and you now have my attention.”

She went on to claim that Gary hasn’t financially supported her or their kids since April, and she added that Gary allegedly hasn’t seen their kids in months. Kenya then told Gary that he needs a “deadbeat” shirt instead of a “bread winner” shirt that he is wearing in her post, and she added, ” I will let you get back to living your best life…lying, clout chasing, side chicks, and looking for a black celebrity friend group.” You can read the post in full above.


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