King Yella Tells Lil Durk to Stop Dissing, Calls Out Calboy Amid DThang’s Death

Lil Durk has been offered advice, in addition to condolences, following the death of his brother Dontay “DThang” Banks this past weekend. Following DThang’s passing, Lil Durk was encouraged by an unlikely person to stop dissing.

Chicago rapper and friend of late rapper FBG Duck — who Lil Durk has dissed in the past — offered his condolences in his Instagram Story. He revealed that he and DThang were friendly prior to the beef and suggested that Lil Durk discontinue the diss records.

“[DThang] was my boy before all this BS,” King Yella wrote. “@lildurk stop dissing MFS you made it — leave it in the streets go live life. We only been responding to y’all since day 1. Y’all got rich and sent the world off.”

Chicago rapper Calboy also offered his condolences after learning about DThang’s death. He also spoke out against the rumors and jokes associated with the murder.

“Bro ain’t gone speak on nun but all these sacrifice jokes lame asf, u ain’t never lived a real street life to know this s*** come with casualties on both sides,” Calboy tweeted. “It’s them pains that gets converted into motivations which lead to’s still pain. Let em grieve in peace plz.”

King Yella took issue with Calboy’s message and called him out.

“@1147calboy shut yo goofy a** up yu sound just like the mf you [eggplant emoji] riding,” Yella wrote. “We know yu a fan that s*** be real just shut tf up if you ain’t exposing this [angry censored emoji] up Industry.”

Neither Calboy nor Lil Durk have responded to King Yella.


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