Wendy Williams Interviews Gary Owen About Wife’s “Deadbeat” Accusations


Gary Owen responded to his estranged wife’s “deadbeat” accusations during Thursday’s episode of “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Earlier this week, Kenya Duke called out her husband and claimed he hadn’t been present or supported her and their children financially in months before adding, “I will let you get back to living your best life…lying, clout chasing, side chicks, and looking for a black celebrity friend group.”

Owen responded to various claims made by his wife during the interview and said they he’s been silent because his lawyer advised him not to speak on the divorce. However, he added that there’s a “twist” that has “changed the dynamic of the whole divorce.” On the subject of their children, he pointed out that they are not underage.

“They’re adults,” the comedian responded. “My daughter was in college when the news broke. She’s staying with Kenya, and she has a job. I’m on the road. We’re talking, we’re texting, it’s not uncommon when you have adult kids to not see them for a couple of months…The deadbeat dad kind of stung a little bit. I was like ‘Whoa – weren’t they in private school? Didn’t I have a show, fly back to go to my son’s seventh-grade basketball game, and fly back to make my show?’ It’s nothing to brag about but I’m not a deadbeat dad.”

He also denied that infidelity was the cause of the couple ending their 23-year relationship. He also explained the “breadwinner” shirt that caused Kenya’s social media post.

“I wasn’t digging on her at all,” Owen said. “I wouldn’t do that. I’m not gonna pinch the bear, I’m not gonna say anything bad about Kenya…We had a good run, but I think emotionally I think I’m just probably a little ahead of her in disconnecting from the marriage, where I think she’s handling it the way she’s handling it.”

Take a look above to view the full interview.


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