Kanye West Reportedly Went Off During Deposition & Put On Jesus Mask

Kanye West has been in the news recently, as he and Kim Kardashian have been going through the motions of their divorce. Now, West is back in the news as he allegedly stormed out of a deposition with a Jesus mask on after he became upset at the questioning presented to him.

West has been wrapped up in a $20 million legal matter with MyChannel, and MyChannel was able to finally get West in a virtual deposition after trying to get West in person. The in-person deposition didn’t take place due to COVID-19 risks.

It was revealed via court filings under seal that West went off on MyChannel’s lawyer, Michael Popok, during the deposition, which allegedly only lasted 10 minutes. According to AllHipHop, West reportedly refused to look at the lawyer and spent the entire time on his cell phone. Along with that, West reportedly asked the lawyer if he was “f**king stupid” and talked about his “mental genius-ness.”

West allegedly told MyChannel’s lawyer that he was lucky to be deposing the “richest Black man in America and a Black Trump supporter.” He also said he couldn’t “be bothered with the deposition because he had lives (and diets) to change.” It was noted that the deposition went left after West put on a “full-face hood and head covering adorned with Jesus Christ’s image which obscured his face and muffled his voice.”

As of now, MyChannel is seeking to get West into court for a face-to-face deposition. Along with that, they are trying to sanction Kanye for $63,000. Stay tuned for more updates.


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