Asian Doll Reacts to News of Woman Being Pregnant with King Von’s Child

Over the weekend, King Von’s sister Kayla revealed that the late rapper is expecting a child with a woman he was with while on a break from rapper Asian Doll.

Kayla revealed that her family threw a baby shower for the woman over the weekend, adding that they bought her a car and a new house as a “push present.” Some people were surprised over the news of Von expecting a child with a woman other than Asian Doll, who responded to the news on Twitter.

She wrote, “I wasn’t with Von June, July, August, September or October I started back seeing him the end of November when he booked me for a show. So nothing going on is affecting me in no way literally I still love him he not here & we was once deeply inlove so I’ll aways be here 4L.”

Asian Doll added, “Nobody had a baby on me baby’s came after me & before me I had a choice twice I ain’t want that life I’m good how I’m doing now but fasho I’ll never have no hate towards dayvon Bennett he’s forever living through me & forever in my heart til I die.”


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