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The org writes, “Nellie’s Sports Bar has terminated, with immediate effect, the independent security vendor hired to protect our guests during Pride Week. Our investigation into the matter is ongoing, and we will cooperate with any law enforcement investigation, however we do not need to wait for the investigation’s conclusion before we take decisive action.”

They add, “We offer a heartfelt apology to all who witnessed the horrific events of this past weekend. No matter what behavior occurred prior, nothing warrants mistreating, and disrespecting, one of our guests.”

Nellie’s goes on to say they’ve heard the concerns of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community in the aftermath of this mess, and will continue listening to make sure their establishment lives up to the inclusive standards their patrons have come to expect over the past 14 years.

A woman was dragged down a flight of stairs by her hair at a bar, and the horrific act — carried out by a security guard — is sparking outrage and protests.

The ugly incident went down Saturday at Nellie’s Sports Bar in Washington, D.C. … a popular LGBTQ+ bar that had been packed following the city’s Pride parade earlier in the day. In the video, you hear bar patron’s shocked to see the security guard dragging a Black woman, and that shock quickly turned to anger.

Several bystanders started pummeling the security guard, who is Black, and all hell broke loose. A woman named Keisha Young says she was the victim, and told WUSA9 the trouble started when the bar staff mistook her for someone else.

She said, “[Security was] trying to get some other people out because somebody else brought a bottle in there. Somehow I got mixed up in an altercation because I look like somebody else and I got hit and dragged down the steps.”

Protests erupted Sunday outside of Nellie’s … with dozens of protesters seen holding signs. Nellie’s released a statement Sunday saying, “We were incredibly upset and disturbed to see the unfortunate event that took place at Nellie’s last night.”

Nellie’s management says it’s going to conduct a full investigation into the matter. They added, “At Nellie’s we foster an inclusive and safe environment, so events like this are completely unacceptable to us.”

A spokesperson for Metro PD said they didn’t get any calls related to the incident.

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