Officials Find Remains of 17 Victims Under Cannibal Serial Killer’s Home

Mexican officials found remains belonging to 17 different victims while digging under the house of suspected serial killer Andrés Mendoza in the outskirts of Mexico City.

The excavations have been underway since May 17, and prosecutors believe that the remains of more victims may be discovered, as authorities plan to extend the search to the soil beneath several other rooms he rented out on the same property. They also believe that the killings go back years, as personal belongings, including ID cards of the victims, were also found in Mendoza’s home.

Mendoza, a former butcher, was caught after he allegedly killed the wife of a police commander, who suspected Mendoza had killed his wife after he had accompanied Reyna González, 34, on a shopping trip the day she went missing. When police surveillance cameras showed González entering the street where Mendoza lived and not leaving, the police commander when to Mendoza’s home to confront him, where he found his wife’s hacked-up body inside, along with the remains of nine other women.

After police searched the inside of Mendoza’s home, they found other evidence leading them to believe there were more victims, including videotapes that suggested he may have recorded his victims.

Mendoza appeared in court last month for the killing of González, and he reportedly admitted to the murders, and court records reportedly showed that he admitted to peeling off the skin on Reyna González’s face “because she was very pretty.”

Source: NPR

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