26-year-old Tevin Biles-Thomas was facing charges of murder, voluntary manslaughter

and felonious assault following the incident where his 23-year-old cousin, a 19-year-old

and a 21-year-old died.

Biles-Thomas — who pled not guilty — was in court in Cleveland when the judge granted

his attorney’s request to acquit him on all charges due to a lack of evidence.

When announcing the ruling, the judge pointed out several inaccuracies with witness

descriptions of the shooter’s clothing … among other issues.

Biles-Thomas’ attorney also claims Tevin never fired any shots during the shooting.

Following the ruling, the mother of one of the victims lunged towards Biles-Thomas …

saying, “You have to be f***ing kidding me. I’m going to kill you.”

The woman was held back by security and will reportedly NOT face charges.

Biles-Thomas’ attorney, Joseph Patituce, addressed the confrontation following the

acquittal … saying, “We get it, she’s angry. She was led to believe Mr. Biles was guilty,

when he wasn’t, and she reacted like a mother. We don’t fault her for that,”

“She lost a son and we understand, and we respect the fact that she has suffered

horribly, her family has suffered horribly, just like the other families — including Mr.

Biles,” Patituce said.

“I mean, Mr. Biles’ own cousin was murdered in this case and he had to sit there and

stand trial with the accusation that he was responsible, murdered his own cousin, which

simply wasn’t true.”

Biles-Thomas was a soldier in the U.S. Army … although his current status is unknown.

The Olympic gold medalist — who was separated from Biles-Thomas during childhood —

addressed her brother’s arrest back in 2019, saying, “My heart aches for everyone i

nvolved, especially for the victims and their families.”

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