Man Charged in Fatal DUI Crash Was Having Oral Sex Before Hitting Victims

According to reports, a man charged with fatally crashing his pickup truck into a

groupof people outside a California bar last Friday was reportedly engaged in sex acts at

thetime of the crash.

Alex Corpus Moreno, 32, was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter and DUI

causing injury for the fatal collision outside the San Jose-area bar. Police say Moreno

was “extremely intoxicated and using cocaine at the bar,” which led to his removal from

the establishment.

Authorities say he left the bar with a 24-year-old woman who told police she was

performing oral sex on Moreno at the time of the crash. “At some point during the oral

sex, she was pulled from the vehicle by security personnel and did not know what was

happening. (She) did not recall the vehicle moving backward and did not recall the

collision,” the report states.

According to witnesses, Moreno continued revving the engine even after the crash.

Bystanders had to pull Moreno out of the car and shift the vehicle out of reverse to free

the victims. However, 35-year-old Diana Prieto-Chacon had been “crushed” by the

vehicle’s bumper.

Moreno remained in jail Thursday on a $275,000 bail with a court date set for June 23.


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