Bobby Shmurda Provides Free Meals & Haircuts For Underprivileged Families On Father's Day

BROOKLYN, NY – Bobby Shmurda is giving back to his community in a big way. On

Sunday (June 20), the generous rapper held the “Father’s Day Give Back Brunch” in

Brooklyn, an event for 200 underprivileged families to receive free meals and haircuts.

Although it was primarily set up for fathers and their children, Bobby Shmurda and his

team treated anyone at The Win Shelter with a Caribbean brunch boasting jerk salmon,

curried chickpeas, stewed chicken, mac and cheese and more.

According to the press release, three barbers were on deck to provide free haircuts to all

dads and kids in attendance in an effort to make them “feel their best” for the holiday.

Shmurda also handed out gaming consoles, board games, action figures, footballs, jump

ropes, costumes and more to the kids. For the dads, they were provided with some new

clothing and books. Leftovers were then donated to CAMBA Men’s Shelter in Brooklyn,

so nothing went to waste.

Bobby Shmurda was released from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility in

February after serving roughly six years but will remain on parole until 2026.

The 26-year-old was arrested in 2014 but copped a plea deal in September 2016 after

pleading guilty to conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon for his

involvement in the GS9 gang. He was initially sentenced to seven years but was granted

two years credit before the sentence was handed down.

Shmurda racked up 11 violations while behind bars, including possession of a prison

shiv, drug possession and fighting. In January, The New York Times reported Shmurda

was finally eligible for conditional release despite being denied parole in

September after authorities saw a vast improvement in his behavior. We salute Bobby

Shmurda for his continued work in the community .

Source: Tyshawn Smith

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