Fight Almost Breaks Out as Kevin McCall Addresses Domestic Abuse Allegations

Singer and songwriter Kevin McCall was addressing his past mistakes on Kraig Smith’s “Kraig Facts” podcast when the subject of his domestic violence allegations nearly caused a fight between the music artist and one of the hosts.

McCall addressed his social media controversies and admitted to seeking attention but failing to have something to sell while the public eye was on him. He brought up going back and forth with Chris Brown after he posted a photo of Rihanna’s face bruised from her altercation with Brown. At that point, McCall addressed his own domestic violence incident and the interview almost took a violent turn.

“I didn’t have nothing to sell. I just was talking s*** and trying to get attention, just like I got Chris Brown’s attention when I posted a picture of Rihanna’s face all beat up,” McCall said about two minutes into the above clip. “Now this is before I had allegations of the second victim — alleged victim…which I did hit her because she hit me, which is not cool.”

After admitting to hitting a woman, the podcast hosts attempted to reprimand McCall. However, McCall cut the lecture short and challenged one of the hosts to a fight.

“I’ve even beat up n***** over this, so if you wanna fade over this, you feel like I shouldn’t hit women, catch a fade outside bro,” McCall said. “So don’t sit here and act like you think I’m some weird a** n****, bro. Shut the f*** up, my n****. I’m a real a** n****. I f*** up n***** bro. It’s n***** that come around and try to jump me. It’s n***** that try to wait until I get around a camera and switch the f***** narrative, bro. So if you gotta problem, if you think I hit women like I told Eva brothers, catch a fade, my n****!”

McCall continued to challenge the co-host until Kraig Smith suggested they all take a break from filming. Despite the near-altercation, McCall and the hosts resumed filming and shared a laugh after discussing the matter off-camera.

Look above to check out the rest of the clip.


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