Kodak Black Faces Backlash for His Kobe Bryant Helicopter Tribute


Kodak Black is back in the news again, this time for a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant that

many find offensive. The Florida rapper took to Instagram and posted photos of him in a

Kobe Bryant jersey next to a Tesla Model X that featured a Laker-inspired wrap, along

with a helicopter that featured the purple and yellow colors dawned by the late NBA


On the caption of his post, Kodak Black said “I’m Ouchea 24 a Day I’m Like KOBE #KtB

@kobebryant 🕊.” He then used the post to promote his latest project, saying,

“#HappyBirthdayKodak Out Now.” The post faced backlash due to the circumstances in

which Kobe passed away, via a tragic helicopter crash at the beginning of 2020. One

comment on his Instagram post even called out the perceived disrespect, saying, “Nah

bro not the helicopter.” Take a look above.


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