Lil Duval Stirs Conversation After Comparing DaBaby to Ludacris

Comedian Lil Duval started trending on Thursday (June 24) after stating that “Da baby

is this generation Ludacris.” When people began debating Lil Duval, he proved his point

further by sharing screenshots of DaBaby’s “Suge” and Ludacris’ “Get Back” video,

where they are wearing costumes that make them look like they have comically large


Lil Duval pushed the envelope further after saying that “Lil baby is this generation

Jeezy,” and questioned if people would put T.I. over Ludacris in their list of GOAT

Atlanta rappers. He then added, “Lil baby got the streets how Jeezy had it in his prime.

Especially in Atlanta.” Lil Duval later changed his mind and told his followers that Lil

Baby is more like the T.I. for the current generation, which you can view along with his

other tweets above.


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