Moneybagg Yo Responds to NLE Choppa’s Anti-Lean Challenge

NLE Choppa tried encouraging fellow rappers to adopt his holistic lifestyle earlier this

week when he launched an anti-lean challenge. The rapper called on other artists to

ditch lean and alcohol for chlorophyll and singled out Moneybagg Yo as the first rapper

he was challenging.

“I Have A New Challenge For Rappers,” NLE Choppa wrote on Twitter. “For Every Pint

of Lean, Or Even Alcohol, Drink A Pint Of Chlorophyll. I Wanna Start By Challenging

@MoneyBaggYo I’ll Bring This To You Personally Fam.”

Moneybagg Yo responded to the “#Chlorophyllchallenge” with a simple handshake

emoji. Moneybagg Yo has been open about lean use, even dedicating a song called

“Wockesha” to the drink on his most recent album.

The effects of chlorophyll are unclear, but supplement makers claim it boosts red blood

cells, helps with weight loss, heals damaged skin, neutralizes toxins, cuts inflammation,

and prevents cancer. The MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas in

Houston, claims the extra minerals found in chlorophyll make it easier for the human

body to absorb.


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