Uber Driver Charged with Shooting Two Passengers, Leaving 1 Dead


According to reports, an Uber driver in Atlanta has been apprehended by police and

charged with the shooting of two passengers, leaving one dead.

Nigel Nembhard, 36, allegedly shot two passengers after a dispute, with a third

passenger running away without injury. Police say the victims “had been in a ride-share

vehicle at the Chevron where a dispute arose with the driver. The dispute continued and

resulted in the driver, also an adult male, shooting the other two males.”

The “driver is cooperating with police and the Homicide Unit detectives are working to

determine what led to the dispute,” the statement read.

“What police are reporting is deeply concerning,” an Uber spokesperson told reporters.

“We’ve banned the driver from the app and will work with law enforcement on their


Source: youtube

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