Young Buck Previews Response to Juvenile’s VladTV Interview

Young Buck is prepared to issue his response to Juvenile’s VladTV interview, where the New Orleans rapper lashed out at his former UTP artist.

During Young Buck’s VladTV interview, the former G-Unit member recalled his time as a UTP artist. When explaining his split from Juvenile, Buck claimed he and other artists were left stranded in Los Angeles after a planned deal with Suge Knight.

When Juvenile was provided with the opportunity to tell his side of the story, Juve gave a fiery response to Buck.

“Buck is a b****,” Juvenile responded. “I hate Young Buck fam. Buck is a b**** a** n**** and we not going to talk about Buck at all, period…Do me a favor just ask me about me. Don’t throw names out there like that. I hate Buck. It was your interview he done that really made me trigger back to like f*** him. F*** him for real, fam…I don’t care what he put out. I don’t care about Buck, f*** Buck. I mean what I’m saying.”

Young Buck remained relatively silent on the matter and didn’t issue a response to Juvenile’s remarks until this past Friday. The Tennessee rapper previewed an upcoming track where he starts addressing Juve shortly before the preview ends.

“Death never bothered me / Kingpins fathered me,” Buck raps. “Goons never gobbled me / N***** been tried to slaughter me / B****** been tryna holler at me / Born in the trap way before rap Buck been silent, G / You should be proud of me / Never had a b**** bone in my body never hurt I got it free / D-Tay I’m sorry that you broke n**** why you hot at me / Cook-Up I know you thinking this is where you ought to be / But every post you put up and say my name you people follow me / Hey Juvenile, you a hater / Oh now you speaking 20 years later.”

In the caption to his post, Young Buck wrote, “PRE ORDER NOW AND GET #EnoughIsEnough!!! #40DaysAnd40Nights AVAILABLE JULY 2 ‼️‼️”

Look above to hear Young Buck’s snippet.


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