Sean Kingston Tells ‘Lip Service’ That He Has 10 Girls In Rotation, Doesn’t Use Protection With Any Of Them

Sean Kingston has been laying low for a while enjoying life and the things that come

with being rich and out the way. Usually, when we hear about him, it’s some jeweler

claiming he didn’t do whatever they agreed to and wanting a payment. This latest Sean

Kingston moment is a very different side of Sean that may be too much information on

his end.Recently, Sean dropped by Angela Yee’s Lip Service Podcast and aired out all his

sexual business.


“I ain’t gon’ lie, I did some s**t where she was upstairs and I was f***ing another girl

downstairs. But she made me so mad to [that] point–and that’s the only time I ever

cheated in a relationship, ’cause I don’t cheat. But she made it so bad–she hacked my

iCloud, she hacked my f***ing Instagram, she hacked all type[s] of s**t, bro. Like


The host immediately let it be known they have ZERO remorse for him and his attemptto

be the victim was not working in any form. If that wasn’t bad enough, Sean alsorevealed

the number of women he keeps in rotation. In addition to dropping the number10,also

sprinkled in the fact he doesn’t like to wrap his business up during the“relations.”


“I got 10 girls that I keep rotating,” said Kingston. “That’s not bad though, these girls

known me for 2-3 years.”

When the ladies of “Lip Service” alleged that he doesn’t use condoms with any of

them,he admitted that he indeed doesn’t use protection.

“I’mma keep it G with you dog, I definitely don’t f*** with condoms.”

Sean Kingston’s confession is drawing parallels to Nick Cannon, who welcomed

threechildren within the past 12 months, and is currently expecting his 7th

child. Nick said ina throwback Howard Stern interview; “Why wear condoms?! I might

not be heretomorrow.”

You can watch the full episode of Lip Service below.


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