T.I. Asks Judge To Toss Defamation Lawsuit, Rips Sabrina Peterson’s Alleged “Unscrupulous” Reputation

Rapper T.I. wants the defamation lawsuit brought forth by Sabrina Peterson to be tossed

into the abyss and he thinks her poor character is enough of a reason. We reported that

earlier this year, Peterson claimed T.I. and Tiny smeared her name by making public

statements and social media posts in the wake of gun-toting allegations she

made against T.I.

Sabrina originally alleged that Tip pointed a gun in her face in the wake of a small

argument, claiming that he threatened to kill her. That’s when both Tiny and T.I. made

public statements denouncing the ex-family friend’s story. In an IG post, Tiny referred to

Sabrina on social media as “strange,” and added, “everybody know you been special.”

Tiny still has the post in question on her page.

In her lawsuit, Peterson claims she became the target of online harassment and

threatening messages after Tiny shared a photo of her with her son, but T.I. claims she

can’t sue over those comments because they are just opinions. He also made sure to

point out she is a convicted felon with a preceding reputation.

In new court documents obtained by TMZ  T.I. denied her claims of defamation. The

rapper’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, said Peterson “is an adjudged liar, a convicted felon

with a lengthy rap sheet for crimes involving dishonesty and violent assault, and has a

reputation for being unscrupulous” … and he says there’s no way T.I. and Tiny could

make her reputation any worse than what it is right now.

What do YOU think of T.I.’s response to Sabrina’s defamation claim?


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