Kodak Black Tosses $100,000 Into the Middle of the Ocean


Kodak Black found himself at odds with friend and Sniper Gang artist Jackboy over an apparent financial dispute. However, it seems Kodak isn’t very concerned about the money as he documented himself discarding a reported $100,000 into the ocean.

In a video shared on Instagram, the rapper was seen on a boat grabbing stacks of hundreds and throwing them overboard.

“I Broke You Off When Dem F*** N***** Wouldn’t Give You A Dime!!!” Kodak wrote in his caption. “I Ain’t Owe You S*** N**** I Just Wanted To See You Shine!!! Yeen Never Gave Me S*** N**** I Had My Own Grind!!!!”

In a subsequent post, Kodak photographed himself with a purported $230,000 and captioned that post with claims of envy and betrayal.

“I Was Too Busy Showin Love I Ain’t See Da Signs,” he wrote. “When You Needed Me P**** I Came Thru Everytime, Whether You Was Right Or Wrong F*** N**** I Was Riding …. But You Envied Me N**** In Da Back Of Yo Mind.”

In a later Twitter post, Kodak Black tried flushing more thousands down a toilet. Look above to view Kodak Black tossing the cash into the ocean.


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