NCAA Adopts Policy to Allow Student-Athletes to Profit off Name, Image


In a major policy shift, the NCAA announced that it would allow its student-athletes to profit from their likeness, name, and image, which will go into effect starting Thursday.

The move came largely in response to over a dozen states’ plans to implement rules for its student-athletes that would have the same effect. “With the variety of state laws adopted across the country, we will continue to work with Congress to develop a solution that will provide clarity on a national level,” NCAA President Mark Emmert said in a statement. “The current environment — both legal and legislative — prevents us from providing a more permanent solution and the level of detail student-athletes deserve.”

Per USA Today, “college athletes will be allowed to engage in activities, including endorsement deals, leveraging social media for pay, and getting compensated for coaching, making personal appearances, and signing autographs.”



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