RZA Giving Out C.R.E.A.M. By The Thousands For Black-Owned Restaurants To Go Vegan

Wu-Tang Clan de facto leader and Hip Hop maestro RZA has been a publicly proud vegan and PETA supporter for years and he’s urging African American-owned restaurants to eat off of his plant. https://violifefoods.com/us/plant-grants/.

Sources report that  Abbot partnered with Violife, the vegan cheese brand widely

accepted by chains such as Pizza Hut, and the Plant Grants program to bestow five

$20,000 grants to Black-owned eateries intent of reverting their menu to reflect a plant-

based diet.

“I’m partnering with Violife because we share a similar philosophy about eating plant-

based, and we want to make plant-based eating more accessible, affordable and

sustainable to all,” RZA said in a statement. “The influence of Hip Hop and the culinary

history of plant-based eating in Black communities contribute to a movement of

embracing meatless options. I’m proud to support Plant Grants to continue this

movement and make plant-based eating more readily available at Black-owned

restaurants that are at the heart of communities.”

Brian Orlando, Chief Marketing Officer at Upfield North America — the company that

distributes Violife, additionally applauded the initiative that will also see Compton

Lemel Durrah and Chicago chefs Laricia Chandler assume respective visible roles as

coaches towards the menu updates.

RZA first entered his vegan chambers in the mid-90s and even used his lifestyle’s
message to promote the Wu-Tang Clan’s last released album, 2014’s A Better Tomorrow.

However, he’s not being relegated to old music these days. In a new interview with

sources , RZA revealed the title for his upcoming album Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu

Theater and spoke highly of the damage producer DJ Scratch applied to the project.

“Giving Scratch the reins as a producer and me taking the reins as an MC, that’s what

frees me up creatively and lets me play more with lyrical gags and lyrical flows because I

don’t have to be focused on everything,” RZA relayed to sources. “He delivered tracks

that resonated and brought me back to a sound that I felt was missing. For me it was

really natural to flow and write to these songs.”

Source: Tyshawn Smith

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