Willie D Calls Out Marc Lamont Hill for Saying “F**k All Yall” Over Cosby Party

The release of Bill Cosby from prison has left many conflicted, especially within the

Black community. Many people have voiced their thoughts on the release, noting they

are happy Cosby was freed, while others have pointed out why he was jailed in the first

place for sexual assault. Recently, a flyer surfaced from a party that is set to take place in

Atlanta, Georgia on July 4, featuring Bill Cosby’s face. The party in question caught the

attention of Marc Lamont Hill, who took to Instagram and posted the flyer with the



Hill has been consistent with his position on Bill Cosby since the news arrived that he

was going to prison for his crimes. However, that didn’t sit well with Willie D, who

responded to Hill.

Willie D said, “F**K ALL OF Y’ALL? This is the way you, a so-called activist and political

analyst communicate with over half the people within your own race when they take a

different position than you? Where was F**K ALL Y’ALL when those Jews was on your

head about your support for Palestinians? They made direct attacks against YOU and

you tucked your tail accompanied by a swift apology. You got that Stephen A. Smith


He continued, saying, “When it comes to Black people, you want all the smoke, but is

conspicuously measured in your criticism of others. Bill Cosby never called for you to be

canceled. So why so much vitriol for him? Don’t tell me it’s because you care about

victims of sexual assault because you never publicly said F**K ALL Y’ALL to the people

who stood behind Trump after dozens of women accused him of sexual assault before

and in the wake of his “grab’em by the p****” comments.

Willie D concluded by saying, “If you were sexually abused just say so. Although that

would explain your unsolicited emotional rants, we won’t hold it against you because it’s

not your fault. But stop acting like you’re some anti-sex predator superhero because if

you were we would have known well before the Cosby case. Get off your high horse and

come back down to earth brother before your ticket gets punched. PS, the fact that most

of the people agreeing with your post are not Black indicates you’ve been compromised.”

Take a look above.


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